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I payed $100 for this trans on Craigslist the guy did not know cars very much cuz he said it was a 2004r but it is a th200 but I'm going to be swapping it for my th350 cuz it is blown cuz water got in it and it lost reverse
Jamal Cole : how much would you sell the th 350 for?
Ezekiel Duvall : Srry not floor pan drain pan

GM TH-200 Dual-Action Shifter Installation Video from American Shifter Co.

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CPM Trommelhacker TH 200 DW

Antrieb: Dieselmotor, Wasserkühlung
Motor: Briggs\u0026Stratton 950D, 26.9PS
3 Zylinder
2 Messer mit je 2 Schneiden
Holzdurchmesser: bis 15cm
2 Einzugswalzen
Trichtergrösse: 120x90x75cm




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