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German SIG-Sauer P226

In honor of the closing of Sig Sauer in Germany, I decided we needed to feature the most famous firearm to come from its factory, the SIG-Sauer P226. This one is a vintage West German-made model and really what started it all for the P226's reputation for quality and reliability. Go check out the video and remember to subscribe below.

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maskedman1980 : One of the best service 9mm handguns ever built.
Striknine : The West German P226 is one of my favorite. Picked up one years ago and it has never jammed or let me down. Quality craftsmanship at its best. Sorry to hear they have gone out of business.
Lake Manson : My grade school english/grammar teacher was in the local city SWAT force before he became a school teacher. I remember staying after class with him and talking to him about his LEO experience. This specific handgun came up a lot in his stories.
ma8rk : I bought my 9mm 226 when I started my LE career in 1989, and carried it on duty (and off) until I retired in 2011. I put thousands of rounds through it, almost exclusively 147gr. +P+ jhp loads. The very few malfunctions I ever had were either ammo or magazine related. The pistol itself NEVER experienced a malfunction or failure. I carried 1911a1's and Beretta M9's while in the service and was forced to carry a Glock 22 on duty for a short period of time. I once owned a Walther PPK and currently own a Walther PPQ-M1. The Sig 226 is by far my favorite of all of them, and still my EDC choice.
OuijaSTi : I have a West German P226 from back when they were imported by Interarms. Great gun.

SIG P226 Review

Since 1984 the Sig P226 has served Military, Law Enforcement and Civilian Sheepdogs.

Nutnfancy's "Sig Dynasty" Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AGNyQs8pjNo

Thanks for watching~ Sootch00
uilleann86 : "10 rounds in non-free States." lol
Bob Outélama : I used the P226 in a foreign police corp during years. I never killed anybody, but always was able to shoot accurate exactly where I wanted and it never let me alone in critical situations. Great piece of gear. I owe this gun my life.
Barbatos Lupus Rex : I can honestly say now I understand why so many gun owners cannot just have one handgun, one semi-auto rifle, one shotgun, and one bolt-action rifle....SOOOO MANY TO CHOOSE FROM!!!
It's like freaking pokemon!
Ramos EC : The 226 & 870 are a Home Defense Dream Combo, and a nightmare for perpetrators. Great review on the legendary 226
badweetabix : I own a West Germany made Sig P226 and it is still my go to gun after 25 years with ZERO malfunction. I challenge any Glock fanboys to beat that.

SIG P226 Navy

Showing and shooting the Sig P226 Navy, a modern classic.
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You need a Tic Tac : I'm a navy seal, I learned how to be one from playing call of duty.
Thomas Dittamo : this guy has to be one of the best gun review people period..
MrDelmonte67 : I've been a Glock guy for years until I fired my first Sig P226, the gun practically shoots itself- A REAL TACK DRIVER just way better than my old G19 or any of my Glocks. I've sold all of my Glocks once I caught the "SIGness" Once you hold and fire one you'll understand why you will spend the extra cash. 3 for me so far- just picked up the P229R for the perfect carry-just a beautiful handgun and after you install the SRT trigger system you"ll wonder why you you settled for the horrible Glock squishy trigger. The de-cocker just makes it feel safer to carry for me, love sa/da trigger- no going back to the ugly plastic Glock for me. There must have been some serious underbidding by Glock or serious budget cuts to replace the Sig P226 or M9 for the special forces to a G19. Don't believe me, go give a P226 a run at the range sometime- you will understand the difference
Erik L : How anybody can dislike his videos is beyond me.
Evan Hartfield : Says "we may not hit anything today."

Handles targets effortlessly and professionally.




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