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PRIDE FC Free Fight: Don Frye vs Yoshihiro Takayama (2002)

This week marks the 13 year anniversary since the final PRIDE Fighting Championship event. Take a look back at one of the most memorable fights in the promotion's history between Don Frye and Yoshihiro Takayama in 2002. Watch the full PRIDE FC library anytime on UFC FIGHT PASS.

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Dual dan Man : Are elbows legal in this fight?I saw quite of few?
frank yey : 5:30 takayama looks like crying on don frye shoulder XD..
xGARIDx : Legendary fight
Bastos : Rocky 4 remastered
Deadmanlyndon : Don Fry is so badass he even had to help godzilla in final wars.
Chukhu Tha : Rocky..
Lalramfakzuala Chhangte : The hair moving back and forth at rapid speed is too fun to watch ???
Randal Colling : When Don Frye was born he weighed 12 lbs. But after being circumcised he was a 10 lb baby boy!
Trump's Neck Vagina : At the end, Yoshihiro looks like Rubin from "Midsommar"?
Scott S. : he can not see.

Yoshihiro Takayama (Japan) vs Bob Sapp (USA) | MMA fight, HD, EPIC

Legendary japanese professional heavyweight MMA fighter Yoshihiro Takayama against american incredible Bob "Beast" Sapp. Fight took place in Tokyo, Japan in 2012.

Yoshihiro Takayama (Japan) vs Bob Sapp (USA) | MMA fight, HD, EPIC


#Sapp #Takayama #MMA #Fight #HD
gianni : I don't care, great Takayama!
But seriously, he showed strength and tecnicism in defensive position and against a surely doped fighter
Alessandro Frank monteiro : Asiático, saco de pancadas kkkkkkk
Feoharie Kessediy : Бедный японец. Его все бьют и очень смачно.
Ultradude : This friggin ref always jumping the gun with the submission stoppage. Takayama never tapped, which means his elbow wasn't hyper-extended. Bob Sapp wasn't applying the move correctly. Same with Royler, didn't tap. So he's okay. I think it's the same ref. Called it early.
Orhan Güler : Japo dYak yemeyi
Joe c : Bob sapp still sucks - god bless Takayama
かみはらしょうきち : 高山の太ももと、サップの腕の太さが同じだ。
Nouvelles Fraiches Super Fraiches : When Bob Sapp was scary ,won by submission too!
His weight is insane 170kg???
It's mean even if you 120kg which is already super heavy he still have 50kg advantage over you haha?
For all the haters saying First time for Bob to win isn't tru.
One time Bob Sapp explain in interview that all the little fighting organization he fight for don't have enough fund/money to pay fighters medical/hospital Bill's this is the reason why Bop Sapp was going down instead of taking more damaged.
PolloXPollo ANIME : Que carajos esta haciendo ahi Switonsky? Jajajajajaa me acuerdo que estaba en prision jajaja
otegadamagic : Who does that to a ref? 3:50

Yoshihiro Yauji 270mm Sujihiki Review

ぽよよし : Thank you for introducing my kitchen knife. I will do my best to make something better.
Thiện Nguyễn : Why you call it Sujihiki when its a single bevel?
YinYang : Which are the differences between a sujihiki and yanagiba knives in addition to tje single or double bevel? What is the perfomance on make butterfly chicken breasts or thin filleting meat ? Sharpening easier? Thanks in advance.
OdamaKamayuka : Hi. Just found out your channel and your videos are very pleasant to watch, gratz.
I have one question: Does a single bevel blade really make sense for red/white meat that is not that delicate, I feel like it's only a legit thing to have for fish but I may be wrong, what's your opinion on this?
Thanks for your very informative videos once again!
MrKnifeFanatic : Hey everyone, I no longer work for Chefknivestogo. Go to a local knife show and check out the stunning knives that our local makers are able to produce. In most cases the fit and finish of domestic custom knives far surpasses Japanese blades, keeping in mind you will pay for it as well. Thanks for all the support over the years, you've been awesome subscribers!
martin buryan : nice
Sally Morn : I wanted to get a M Custa slicer, mostly for portioning and slicing. Would I be able to cut vegetables with a slicer? If not, why?
Joseph Stabenow : pull the silver skin taut with your off hand, like you're skinning salmon.
Tony Mondalano : Nice video as always.
XXXGRAPENUTSXXX : I want to get my wife a set of highest quality knives....what should I buy her...which brand and what kind ?... Thank you for your help!




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