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LG전자 시네마3D TM2792D-SN PIP?

No PIP..\r
Michael Burger : i'm shocked!!!!!
One of my must things for my new monitor TV was PIP.
In Europe online stores and tech articles promote this TVs as PIP monitor. On many sites as LG German and Italy the TV isn't on there product list so I both it after a long long long discussion with LG German and other guys. Becouse I found only two models with PIP, the Samsung one and the LG one!
Yesterday I spend a lot of money for this Monitor and then after build it UP
NO PIP!!!!!!!

I'm very very angry about that!!!!!!

LG 시네마 3D Smart TV모니터 TM2792D Smart TV 소개.mp4

LG 시네마 3D TV DM2792D 활용하기 2

LG 시네마 3D TV DM2792D 활용하기 2




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